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Consistency: The bridge to connect talent and success

Once upon a time, there were two barbers named Kanu and Manu living in a small village of Gujarat, India. Both of them had a barber shop in their village. Kanu had done a course on hair cutting from the city and was very skilled in hair cutting. While Manu had learnt hair cutting from his father and was comparatively less skilled than Kanu. Despite this, Manu was making more money than Kanu. Kanu was surprised with this and approached a wise scholar in the village to inquire the reason. The scholar replied that you are unable to earn enough money matching your skill level owing to your lack consistent behaviour. Manu is lesser skilled, but he always opens and closes his shop on a particular time only. Besides he is very timely about his lunch timings and his charges. While you sometimes open the shop at 9 o’clock or sometimes 12 in noon. Sometimes, based on your fancies, you charge different rates to different customers and sometimes you don’t even open your shop throughout the day. So, villagers better prefer to go to Manu’s shop despite lesser quality of service.

We see in the world many talented individuals in different segments of life. In fact, every individual is born with a particular talent or potential. But not every talented individual desiring success is successful or upto his / her best performance. And the chief reason to it is “LACK OF CONSISTENCY”.

This is the common disease seen among the modern youth. They toy from this idea to that idea and this activity to that activity. This actually causes a lot of mental imbalance in the individual’s mind and life leading him to no desired destination. That is as good as digging two-meter wells at 200 different places and getting water from nowhere.

We must tie a knot in our mind that consistency has in any of our activity has as much place as any other important thing. When you combine atoms of Hydrogen and Oxygen, you get water. No one can challenge this formula as it has already been proved. In the same way there is well established formula for success in any undertaking or any process. That formula is “desire + self-motivation + intelligence + efforts + consistency = deservingness”. If you are asked to answer the following mathematical sum: 10 + ______ = 20. But the condition is that you are supposed to give any answer other than 10. Definitely you would not be able to answer it. Because, it is 10 only which can fill that gap. In the same way, if you are willing to replace consistency with any other thing, it would be impossible to produce any result in your life.

If one wants to be healthy and does exercise on first day in excitement, and drops it on another day, and then does exercise on 3rd day and drops it again on 4th and 5th day. If you ask him the reason, he would answer that he woke up late or was tired from the previous day exercise. These are just pale arguments which would leading him to nowhere. His determination is not strong enough. If he doesn’t want to be consistent, he should rather say that “I don’t want to be healthy” instead of promising things and not be consistent.

Whatever be the reason, just jump into the decided course of action without caring the result. This is the only way. Don’t think too much. Otherwise you would never be able to come out of this vicious circle of “Shall start from tomorrow again, let me be comfortable today”.

Yes definitely, consistency is boring, but at the same time you must remember that you are the master of the situations. Each of us are born with the capacity to turn around any situation, but blasphemy is that we forget our divine nature and loose ourselves to wretch laziness, comfort zone or procrastination.

Virat Kohli played 167 run long inning in one day cricket match. And still after the match was over, he went to the gym. On being asked for why not taking rest after such long inning, he said, this is my routine and I can’t afford to miss it, otherwise, how would I be able to score 200 or 300 in test matches. This is the reason of his success than other players with even more talent than Kohli.

One’s character is defined with how consistent he or she is in his words and deeds. You are trusted and have value in the eyes of others only when you are consistent. So, take care of your consistency and never loose to your lower nature. Denying consistency is denying success itself, denying deservingness itself. It is you who have to prove that whether you are committed to greatness or mediocracy, whether you are committed to productiveness or unproductiveness.

Always remember that you are the child of immortality, you can never be defeated to vice called inconsistency. So, march forward with boldness and establish this jewel called consistency in your life and behavior. Succeeding in even one undertaking would muster enormous courage in you to accomplish other marvelous work in your life.

Here are some of the tips which might aid you in developing consistency:

1. Remember your divine nature:

Always remember that you are the child of immortality. Keep in mind that, whatever you wish from the bottom of your heart, the world conspires to put it under your feet. So, there is nothing impossible in this world to achieve. So, commit and stop not till the goal is reached.

2. Follow a proper routine:

Never break your daily routine. That will add to lousiness and imbalance in your life. Always wake up at fixed time, do exercise for fixed time, go to bed at fixed time only. Let every important task has definite time, and you will get everything you deserve at proper time only.

3. Do physical exercise:

Exercises and breathing practices keep your body and mind balanced. They aid you in keeping away from procrastination and laziness. So regular exercise would add to your confidence in being consistent.

4. Tell your goals to the closed ones:

When you have already informed someone that, I am going to do this and that regularly from now onwards, you will always be in a watch to follow it meticulously. So, this can also help you in being consistent.

5. Do things even if you don’t feel like it:

Even if you feel boring and thinking to continue the things from tomorrow, remember that you are falling in the trap of your lower nature. Just remember your desired goal, and with determination, bounce back and jump into the task even if you don’t feel like it.

6. Feel responsibility and find motivation:

Remember that, no one else is going to do it for yourself. Lower nature would put a veil between you and your goal. But with reminding yourself that, as the fume would not let you see the further road clearly, so is this laziness is not letting you see your goal. So, you have to be strong, take up the responsibility and find motivation for doing it.

All the Very Best!!!


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